Goods transport Greece

Goods transport Greece. We transport industrial goods, rubber, fruit and vegetables, foodstuff and so on from

Preprava tovaru Grécko

Preprava tovaru Grécko

and to Greece. Transport is more time consuming in comparison to Western countries, such as Germany, the Netherlands and Italy. The reason is the transit across Serbia. Delay at borders can vary, but a client is informed and is able to deal with the delay on time and contact a receiver.


Greek economy is one of weaker economies of the EU. It is caused by several factors, such as bad relations with neighbours, mainly the problematic maritime borders withTurkey, which virtually stopped some possible income to state budges, e.g. oil extraction in the Aegean Sea. Another factor is a disadvantageous position of Greece, which has only an insignificant part of fertile soil. The majority of land is covered by mountains, or rocky infertile soil. The Ancient Greeks solved this uncomforting situation by colonisation of The Mediterranean.

Greek economy started to rapidly move forward during the governance of the dictator Jeorjos Papadopulos, who invested to industry (cooperated with Greek shipbuilding magnates) and then after 1974, when a right-wing politician Konstantinos Karamanlis (senior) took the government and continued in the modernisation of industry. The social policy of Andreas Papandreu helped to solve serious social problems of many Greek inhabitants and created a sophisticated school and health system.

During this government the economy focused mainly on agriculture, not on industry, because industry required huge investments the state could not afford. Even though these two governments were very different they virtually helped to build modern Greek economy and change the picture of the country from a marginal and little developed country to the modern, West-European one, what resulted in the integration to the European Union. The economy of Greece is still bigger than the economies of all other Balkan countries in all and Greece is the main investor to surrounding Balkan countries, such as Albania, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia.

A significant part of Greek economy is tourism industry, which forms approximately 15 % GDP. A vitally important sector is mainly shipbuilding industry, which employs the majority of population and forms one of the basic pillars of Greek state revenue.

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