Freight forwarding

Freight forwarding deals with import, export and national transport of goods by the means of large trucks (7.5t, 12t), truck transport and exceptional load transport. We deal with the transport of goods across Europe. Our priority is to satisfy every request of a client. The advantage of freight forwarding is the fact that it is not limited by capacity, but it uses the car park of our reliable transport partners.



Forwarding services across Europe

We do not specialize in certain states. We try to satisfy every request of a client. However, the majority of transport is realized in the states of the European Union, such as Italy, the Czech Republic and Germany.

We try to satisfy your demand in the shortest time possible.
We provide the full service from loading to the delivery of goods to the client.
In case of any questions about our transport-forwarding activity, please contact us by telephone or email.

Our aim is to constantly improve the provided services, especially the customer service. The quality and customer satisfaction is supported by the years of experience in transport.

About us

KATRANSPORT s.r.o. – we are a transport-forwarding company providing transport services across the world. We provide flexibility for a quickly changing transport market.

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