About Us


KATRANSPORT s.r.o. established in Poprad – Slovakia, has provided transport services since 2008.

It is focused on providing quality transport services with complex consultancy within Europe and beyond. The company originally started with the transport of small, time-consuming consignments. Over time we have transformed to the company providing the complex portfolio of services in transport. We transport time-consuming consignments of various sizes and weight as well as packages without the priority of express delivery for a reasonable price of transport.

We do not want to stop our development, so we try to implement current technological achievements to our company within the shortest time possible. Either to detect the position of your goods using GPS system or online customised using our own information system.

We prefer a modern approach. We are looking forward to any comment of client, whether it is a positive or negative. Reactions and comments of our clients have always showed us which way to chose and how to work more quickly and effectively. You help us to detect where our reserves are and we are grateful for that.

Many years of experience in creating business relations taught us to build on quality and not quantity. We are  client-oriented and we believe that the time dedicated to the client´s satisfaction and careful solution of each comment, even though it is negative, can help us to build long run and quality relations.

We believe that we can offer a lot to new clients and we can always positively surprise the sedate clientèle.