Goods transport Lichtenstein

Goods transport Lichtenstein

Goods transport Lichtenstein. Goods transport from Lichtenstein and to Lichtenstein.

Preprava tovaru Lichtenštajnsko

Preprava tovaru Lichtenštajnsko


Total annual volume of GDP reaches more than 3 billions USD.

A half of it is formed by industry, development, production and export – precise machines, tools, equipment (Hilti), automotive components (ThyssenKrupp Presta), dental equipment and tools (Ivoclar Vivadent), food processing (Hilcona Schaan), electronics (Unaxis Balzers). Export – 20 % USA, 1/6 Switzerland and 2/3 EU countries, the main partner is Germany.

The other half of GDP is divided between the sector of services and financial sector.

Goods transport Lichtenstein

Agriculture forms less than 1 % of GDP.


There are 250 km of roads and 7.5 km of railways in Lichtenstein. The railway is operated by Austrian federal railways (ÖBB) as a part of the railway between the city of Feldkirch in Austria and Buchs SG in Switzerland.

There are 28 km of navigable river flows in the country.

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    Oversize transport

    We provide the transport of oversized and excessively heavy objects in the Slovak Republic and beyond.

    Sea freight

    Sea freight is an effective way of transport for consignments that are not time consuming.

    Collection service

    Collection service provides the transport of small consignments, usually with the weight of up to 5,000 kg.

    Freight forwarding

    Freight forwarding deals with import, export and national transport of goods by the means of large trucks (7.5t, 12t), truck transport and exceptional load transport.

    Truck Transport

    Full-truck transport is the most effect of land transport in case a client has the sufficient amount of material for transport at his disposal.

    Express transport

    Express transport is an effective way how to keep the production process moving.

    4 reasons

    Extra over-insurance of goods

    Transport market sometimes requires the insurance of goods that goes beyond the basic regime. In KATRANSPORT s.r.o. company we offer above-standard over-insurance of goods of high value or consignments of low weight and relatively high price. Goods is insured by the...

    Professional approach

    We pay the same attention to all transports and we provide quality service. The process of answering to demand does not change. We do not divide the transport into profitable and less profitable ones. Express and oversize transport is addressed with more attention due...

    Availability 24/7

    Availability 24/7 for express transport became the obvious thing. Our clients can check the state of a time consuming consignment at +421 915 645 400 any time.


    An immediate solution for every demand. We implement the technologies available on the market as soon as possible. This is our advantage. We reduce the time between the order and execution of order to the minimum. GPS is a standard – the system of monitoring of a...


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