Goods transport England


Goods transport England. From England we transport electrotechnical components, but we also provide e.g. the transport of goods – electronics. 

Preprava tovaru Anglicko

Preprava tovaru Anglicko

Big Ben and Parliament
The clock tower was built according to the design of an architect Sir Charles Barry during the reconstruction of the original Palace of Westminster, which was destroyed by a large fire in 1834. The 93-meter-tall tower with a clock, which dominates North-Eastern end of The Palace of Westminster or its main bell (Big Ben) became one of the typical symbols of London. The main bell weights 13.762 tons and its clapper weights 203 kg. It was originally tuned to tone E. Apart from the main bell Big Ben, there are other 4 smaller bells in the bell tower. They announce a quarter of hour. The clock itself is renowned for its preciseness, even though their author was an amateur clockmaker Edmund Backett.


Great Britain is a highly developed industrial state. It employs 34 % of inhabitants in productive age. The half of them work in mechanical engineering, metal production and transport industry. Industrial production represents 24 % of Gross Domestic Product. New technologies are developing. On the other hand, steel and textile industry slowly declines. The employment in transportation is still growing. Building industry is still more important.


More than 90 % of all passengers and 82 % of freight transport use roads.

Network of roads consists of 362,357 km of roads. 3,172 km of them are highways.

Rail network consists of 37,740 km. The length of the English Channel is 49.94 km.

Air transport is still more popular.

In 1993 British airports dealt with 89 millions of passengers and more than 1 million of freight. London is the biggest port.

We take special care of each transport. We provide express transport for manufacturing companies, whether they are small consignments of 1 to 10 Euro pallets and the weight of 1,2 tons, or also truck transport (FTL) 34 pallets/24 tons. Express transport of bigger amount of material is done in the mode with 2 drivers. We require an early announcement of transportation in such case of transport.

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