Goods transport Austria

Goods transport Austria, transport from Austria and to Austria. From Austria we transport electrotechnical components, but we

Preprava tovaru Rakúsko

Preprava tovaru Rakúsko

also provide e.g. the transport of foodstuff.


Austria has big resources of raw materials. Metallurgy is mostly developed in Styria, where the brown coal, iron and manganese ore, magnesite (the 2nd biggest producer in the world), zinc and lead ores are processed. Mining in Tyrol is very similar. There are the important deposits of rock salt and copper near Salzburg. There occurs also precious metals, such as silver and gold. Even though coal is extracted at several places, there is still the lack of it and it must be imported. Iron and steel industry are developed in the area of Vienna and in the valleys of Upper Styria (Leolen and Donawitz). Engineering and automotive industry is mainly situated in Upper Austria and Styria. An important product of chemical industry is cellulose (Linec, Treibach, Carinthia and Lower Austria). Textile industry is centralised in three places – in the Western part of Vorarlberg, in Tyrol and Vienna. Electrotechnical industry is concentrated in Vienna, Salzburg, Carinthia, glass industry in Tyrol.


Automotive network basically runs in East-West lineage along Danube and North-South lineage along Alps. It consists of byways, highways and roads with higher speed limit.

The rail transport is the property of state railways (Österreichische Bundesbahnen). Commercial companies have only a part of it.

Air transport: Air companies Austrian Airlines, Österreichischer Luftverkehr fly on airways to 56 states and 36 countries of Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Ship transport is practicable only on Danube, the parts of its side inflows and lakes.

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